Sexting Va Penalties Child Pornography Lawyers

Sexting is considered a felony in the state of Virginia as it is in many other states as well however kids under the age of 18 are tried in the juvenile court instead of the adult court meaning they are dealt a slightly easier hand than adult offenders. However, the juvenile court does not let go of these charges and the offenders are subject to fines and time in correctional facilities.

The problem with sexting and Virginia laws is that other states have separate laws for the two offences however for the involvement of minors, the state treats the case similar to that of possession and distribution of child pornography; implying that even if both the sexting parties were consenting but if either one of them is a minor then sharing their own sexual images is a form of producing and distributing pornographic images while the receiver is known as a possessor of pornographic images. If any text conversations are found that indicate an adult asking for sexual images from a minor then that person can be charged for bullying, harassment, and possession of pornographic images.

Furthermore, if individuals are in possession of multiple images and videos that are available on the internet then they are in danger of being charged with possession of sexual and explicit content. In case of the two individuals sexting being both under the age of 18, they are tried in the country court and their sentences are served accordingly. Any person who is searched or served with a search warrant needs to contact a lawyer as soon as possible so they can advise and help them formulate a legal plan as well as train them for questioning and further legalities.

Virginia is one of the states that prides itself on its child protection laws especially child pornography possession laws and is considered to have a very strict approach towards these cases. Therefore there are many lawyers present that deal specifically with this area of the law and provide services including but not limited to legal advice, court prep, and other protection. However, the common matter that all the lawyers stress upon is the investigation of the provided facts. It is very important for them to find out if the person’s claims are true. Once they are able to personally establish the innocence of the person, only then they take on the case and use the best of their sources to prepare a defense for the individual. Furthermore, the legal companies also aim to clear the name of the person in the press once the court as cleared them in order to help them lead an easier life after being proven not guilty.

Lastly, in these cases it is essential to have a Virginia state lawyer to handle these cases because only they understand their state laws and the repercussions the offender could possibly face if found guilty. Hence they are the best option for people looking for legal help in these matters.

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