Reckless Driving In Virginia First Offense

First offense reckless driving charge can be extremely troubling because you have never experienced such an offense before. You know it’s an issue because “reckless” sounds awful and your doubts are in reality, correct.

You should know that in Fairfax County one of the primary things a court takes a look at to decide punishment is whether you have had any earlier convictions for reckless driving. If you haven’t had any such convictions on your driving record, then it will be dealt with as a first offense.


In Fairfax County, the Judge will call your name and ask “how would you plead: Guilty, Not Guilty, or No Contest?” If you enter a guilty request or no contest plea, all that is left for the Judge to choose is the punishment.

Now, their next inquiry will ask the officer what your driving record resembles. If it is a decent record and this is your first offense for reckless driving, your punishment will be lesser than if you have an earlier conviction.

Much of the time, in any case, most Judges will essentially discover you guilty of the charge (since you confess) and enter a fine. Apparently, if the driving conduct is awful or the speed is unreasonably high, you could be punished with a permit suspension or even correctional facility time.

If you choose to represent yourself (which we deferentially prescribe you don’t), at that point, your best approach is to argue “not guilty” and influence the officer to demonstrate his or her case. This will give the Judge more alternatives, and some will consent to decrease your charge to a lesser offense.

Keep in mind, if the officer is able to prove his case, the Judge’s choice regardless of whether to decrease your charge is optional. This implies they don’t need to lessen your reckless driving charge and numerous Judges just won’t.

We have seen numerous individuals represent themselves in court on a reckless driving charge that is their first offense. They show up in the Fairfax County General District Court, show up under the steady gaze of the Judge on a reckless driving case, and be passed on a guilty finding and a fine. This outcome is commonly avoidable if you have a Lawyer.


A legal counselor can truly enable you to keep away from an offense conviction for reckless driving. The lawyer should initially meet with the prosecutor and present our relieving proof. This includes your driving record, a driver improvement course, and any school or work achievements they have.

Commonly, a Virginia lawyer can basically arrange a plea arrangement to a lesser and much better charge. This implies the case does not should be chosen by the Judge (unless there is something exceptional about the case). We review the plea bargain intimately with you and, if you acknowledge it, the lawyer has the Judge approve it.

The crucial thing to comprehend is that a legal counselor can accomplish a superior outcome for your reckless driving case then you can go without anyone else. Keep in mind, if you go to court alone, it will be simply you, the charging officer, and the Judge.

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