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In today’s world that is seeing an increase in minor conflicts inevitably being transformed into serious disputes, protective orders have become the most sought-after remedy. They are filed by individuals who are actual sufferers of abuse as well as individuals targeting innocent spouses with false allegations of violence. In Alexandria, a need for protective orders arises when violence is inflicted or a threat is caused to one’s life or property by a member of one’s own family. It is generally believed that family matters are to be handled privately. Legal intervention becomes necessary when one’s life or body is in danger. Lawyers in Alexandria VA assert that protective orders are sought by victims when the violence becomes so intolerable that loss will certainly result if no intervention occurred.


Most victims are frightened of the court process and hesitate to seek the benefit of filing for protective orders in Alexandria VA due to this fear, say lawyers. If you have been enduring physical or mental abuse for a substantially long period, you should consult an Alexandria VA lawyer to know how these protective orders proceedings are conducted. Not knowing how the process unfolds can stop you from proceeding. On receiving clear information about each stage in the Alexandria VA court proceeding, you will be confident and the initial hesitation will be lost in vigorously fighting for your rights.

Your Alexandria VA lawyers will elucidate that the Court initially wants to ascertain whether the service was properly processed. Clients in Alexandria VA are unaware of the significance of proper service of process. Lawyers will explain to clients that the process in which a Respondent is informed about a protective orders hearing is termed as service of process. “What is proper service?” The Alexandria VA lawyers clarify, when the document indicating the date of the hearing and the court where the appearance of the respondent is sought, is received by the respondent, then the document is properly served. Lawyers elucidate that for protective orders hearings, the respondent may either be served through the Alexandria VA sheriff’s office or a special process server in Alexandria VA. Lawyers experienced in dealing with protective orders in Alexandria VA are aware that serving the respondent with the petition is the most crucial part in VA protective orders cases. If a respondent in Alexandria VA is not properly served, no action may be taken, say lawyers.

Clients wonder what happens to their protective orders if the violent spouse fails to appear in the Alexandria VA court. On speaking to your lawyer, you will be surprised to know about a default judgment. During such hearings, if the violent spouse tried to evade proceedings by failing to appear, the Alexandria VA court will enter a default judgment. It is important to note that a default judgment entered in protective orders cases is in favor of the Petitioner, say Alexandria VA lawyers. If you are someone against whom protective orders hearings are about to be conducted, you should promptly appear in court. Your absence will result in the risk of protective orders being passed against you without your version being heard in the Alexandria VA court, say lawyers.


Fabrication of events is a distressing part of protective orders in Alexandria VA, say lawyers. In most of the protective orders cases in Alexandria VA, facts are conceived by the alleged victim and such victims proceed to manufacture evidence supporting the contention that the said events indeed occurred. Contesting these cases bearing cleverly drafted complaints and carefully arranged evidence can be extremely challenging for the lawyers appearing on behalf of the respondents. If you have been targeted by your spouse and protective orders hearing is to be held, you should take adept guidance from an experienced lawyer in Alexandria VA. In these contested protective orders hearings, both parties are allowed to present evidence supporting their versions. The victim submits prudently gathered proof indicating the violent nature of the Respondent. The Alexandria VA lawyers assert that such evidence can include text messages with content that is in threatening or rude language, photos, or video of violence inflicted against the alleged victim. Though you may know that your spouse is intelligently framing all that you had done with no ulterior motive as evidence against you, you require aggressive arguments by a skilled lawyer to prove your case in Alexandria VA.

Another important issue that is part of protective orders is the fact that several restrictions are imposed against the respondent. In most cases, the courts restrict the respondent from any kind of contact with the petitioner. Clients are unaware of how strict these restrictions are. Even a single phone call from the respondent to the petitioner can be a violation. Lawyers in Alexandria VA will accentuate that such violations are separate charges. You require the assistance of a skilled lawyer to understand the true meaning of protective orders. On contacting a criminal defense lawyer you will know the true implications of being imposed with the restrictions. It is important to know what is allowed and what acts are prohibited. Complications arise in protective orders cases when children are involved. Clients often visit lawyers with queries as to how to contact their children when the spouse who has obtained the protective orders has custody of the children. In some cases there already exists an agreed visitation schedule, the prime question is how to implement the schedule now in these changed circumstances. The lawyer you consult for protective orders will apprise you that the law requires you to seek a change in the visitation schedule and the court will most likely modify the arrangement to supervised visitation.

Our lawyers at The Law Offices Of SRIS, P.C. can provide practical solutions for protective orders. Regardless of whether you are the victim or the respondent against whom the petition is filed, you require professional guidance on how to win the case. Taking expert assistance at the earliest is crucial in most Alexandria VA cases.

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