Possession of Child Pornography VA

Child Pornography Laws in Virginia

The code of Virginia has a clear vision when it comes to child pornography. The law prohibits any kind of production, publication, advertising, sale or possession of child pornography. There are four main domains under production in which a person can be found guilty. First comes solicitation, which is a felony crime in Virginia. Exclude the pornography part, solicitation in any sexual manner is a felony crime in Virginia which will register a person as a sex offender for all of his life. If you try soliciting the minor for any sexual activity, that counts as a felony crime.

As per the code of Virginia:

A person shall be guilty of production of child pornography who:

  1. Accosts entices or solicits a person less than 18 years of age with intent to induce or force such a person to perform in or be a subject of child pornography; or
  2. Produces or makes or attempts or prepares to produce or make child pornography; or
  3. Who knowingly takes part in or participates in the filming, photographing, or other production of child pornography by any means; or
  4. Knowingly finances or attempts or prepares to finance child pornography.

Possession of Child Pornography in Virginia

Keeping possession of child pornography is having access to any of the material related to pornography. It can be a picture, a video, or even a clip. Nowadays, there are gifs (moving images) which are also a part of the pornography. The laws for keeping possession of child pornography are very strict. Even if you view a picture online and do not download it, it will be counted as child pornography possession. If someone emails you the picture of any inappropriate content regarding child pornography or the picture or video, then it will also be counted as possession of child pornography. If there is a picture of any child pornographic material in your phone, sent by any third party, you will be held responsible for the possession of child pornography and will be charged according to the code of Virginia. Sometimes, printing pictures for any assignments or photocopying them can land you in such serious issues and would be counted as possession of child pornography.

If a person thinks that they can escape the investigation by deleting the pictures or videos from their computer, then they are mistaken. As mentioned above, the Law in Virginia has strict policies for such activities, and they will immediately contact the forensic labs for further information, and the agencies might recover it from your devices (whichever you are using; tab, computer or mobile). You will be held convicted of the possession once any material comes to screen from your end and you will have to face the charges and the court.

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