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An adept Military Divorce Lawyer in Alexandria VA Can Provide you with the Required Help

Military service is a noble profession and the sacrifice of men and women in the armed forces should be hailed. In addition to the risks they face as part of their military service, men and women stationed overseas find themselves several miles away from their families for extended periods. This inevitably forces the risk of divorce on some families.

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Many critics in Alexandria VA believe that the risk of marriage dissolution intensifies with each month that one spouse is away. Further, the complexities are extremely high for those deployed in areas with active combat. While the majority of military marriages do thrive, there are some cases where it is sad to see the bond end, especially when one spouse is thousands of miles away from the other. The Alexandria VA lawyers will explain that marriage termination in these cases is legally complex and an emotionally distressing process. If you ever find yourself considering marriage termination, you should contact an Alexandria VA lawyer for support.

Why is military divorce complex and needs professional help?

Getting a divorce while you or your spouse is deployed can be difficult but not impossible and the process requires you to follow certain filing procedures. Speak to your Alexandria VA lawyer to find how to proceed. If you have decided to get divorced while still stationed abroad or while on deployment, your Alexandria VA lawyer will elucidate that there are certain important things to be carried out to initiate your divorce when you get home. 

Your Alexandria VA lawyer will caution you that while marriage dissolution is always demanding, for military couples, there are other factors at play that could cause additional complications. There is every possibility of being misled and you need the assistance and support of a proficient Alexandria VA lawyer to sort things out. You will be surprised to know that you may initially seek advice from your base legal services but you cannot retain military lawyers to get a divorce for you. Base military lawyers also cannot represent clients in civilian legal proceedings, inform Alexandria VA lawyers. This means that while base legal services can help get the process started, you will likely need to retain a civilian lawyer to complete the divorce proceedings. As with many legal matters in Alexandria VA, many factors can influence your divorce, and working with the right military divorce lawyer will help you work towards the right outcome.

For many deployed in various parts of the country filing the complaint or the response may be required to be completed when they are posted on the other side of the world. For instance in Alexandria VA, many military service members do not know that they can file for and process a divorce with the assistance of a lawyer while they are deployed or stationed abroad. By speaking to a lawyer during the initial stages of your case, you can begin to put together the right plan for your case.

The hardest part of preparing for a divorce while stationed overseas in the military is that you do not have access to everything you need, warn Alexandria VA lawyers. You are at a disadvantage as you do not possess vital documents which your spouse would have in his/her possession. The Alexandria VA lawyers have been consulted with several military clients regretting that they entrusted possession of all of the vital documents to their spouse. Such military clients have limited access to documents that will be necessary for divorce filing. Having a lawyer or a trusted friend in Alexandria VA to gather all the important documents will give you a helping hand to move on. Wanting to have as much information as possible before you make the crucial decision is a smart move on your part, assert Alexandria VA lawyers.

When it comes to marriage dissolution, those in the military are provided a number of safeguards

The rights of military personnel in divorce and custody matters are protected by the Service Members Civil Relief Act while they are deployed overseas for missions or training. Your Alexandria lawyer will inform you that the courts have the option to delay divorce proceedings until the spouse on duty overseas returns to VA and can formally appear in court. This is a valid ground for continuing the case. This makes receiving timely legal help important to protect your rights and interests in Alexandria VA.

Military divorce proceedings can undergo major delays due to a spouse’s out-of-state military service. Such military clients often approach the Alexandria VA lawyers with questions on where to file the marriage dissolution proceedings. Regarding where you can file for divorce while not living in VA, you will need to determine where you and your spouse can claim and prove legal domicile. A domicile is the legal home of both you and your spouse, it does not need to be in the same state, necessarily. Divorce can often be tougher for Alexandria military couples because of the complexities of deployment and in many cases, these roadblocks are impossible to overcome, but with a lawyer by your side, you can break through all challenges.

It is vital to understand your rights as a military spouse in Alexandria VA before proceeding with divorce

Being a military spouse is hard, and the impracticality of a military divorce while stationed in another country presents, endless challenges, assert Alexandria VA lawyers. Also, a spouse can file for and process a divorce when the other partner is stationed abroad on military duty. Nothing will make it easy, but the help of an experienced divorce lawyer in Alexandria VA can often speed things up and help you avoid costly mistakes.

Speak with the attorneys at The Law Offices Of SRIS, P.C. for immediate advice on how to handle a complicated military divorce in Alexandria VA. If you choose to proceed based on the advice of our experienced lawyers, you have a good chance of obtaining favorable orders.

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