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In a world where the majority believe in establishing a society with no gender disparity, laws penalizing domestic violence have evolved with time. Gone are the days when spouses or partners used to suffer in silence. Today, any act of domestic violence is brought before the eyes of the law to prevent such domestic abuse. If you are someone who believes that the VA domestic violence laws are only for protecting women’s rights. You are wrong!! An experienced Alexandria lawyer will highlight that the VA domestic violence laws protect the rights of women as well as those of men. There has been a surge in VA cases involving domestic violence against men in Alexandria. 

In the modern-day lifestyle that entirely focuses on lavish living, promoting selfish interests and self-centeredness, the marital relationship once sacred, is losing its value, say Alexandria VA domestic violence lawyers. Spouses and partners have become egoistic and frequent quarrels at times result in violence requiring intervention by law enforcement. The efficient VA Alexandria lawyers will expound that couples these days are so engrossed in a fast-paced life that they are less bound to each other and the meaning of long-lasting marriages has lost its value. Legal intervention and domestic violence lawyers’ role have become vital in domestic disputes as couples these days do not find the time to sit and resolve their domestic violence issues. At times petty disputes are taken to the courts of law requiring representation from the skilled Alexandria lawyers.

At this point, we need to remember that the basic purpose of these VA domestic violence laws is to establish equality and protect vulnerable individuals from abuse. What if the same VA domestic violence laws have been used to incriminate innocent individuals in Alexandria for acts they never committed? It may be difficult for a normal person to believe, but the reality is that these laws have been misused to a great extent to penalize innocent persons in Alexandria VA, say lawyers. These spouses or partners are framed based on intelligently conceived complaints supported by fabricated evidence leading to the imposition of a domestic violence charge in Alexandria.

You may be shocked to know from your lawyer that the Alexandria courts have seen several VA domestic violence cases where the complainant alleges assault with the motive of harassing the accused. Lawyers proficient in dealing with such Alexandria cases are aware that several Alexandria domestic violence charge involving assault or battery is based on a forged version of the incident. It is more shocking for the accused in Alexandria is that the accuser is someone whom he/she had trusted all along. Being framed by your loved one can destroy your confidence and you lose trust in every person around you. In this unstable state of mind, you require guidance from an adept Alexandria VA lawyer.

Your proficient Alexandra VA lawyer will explain that it is an easy task to get someone arrested for domestic violence charges. Our lawyers can tell out of experience in Alexandria VA that there have been several instances where immediately after an argument, spouses called 911 and make complaints. Such spouses are careful in reporting the Alexandria VA incident and portray the domestic violence incident in such a manner that they have been brutally attacked by the aggressor, the spouse, or the partner. If a deeper analysis of the incident is made, it can be easily established that the accusations of violence were faked by the alleged victim. You should remember that only an accomplished Alexandria VA lawyer can check and identify crucial evidence to prove that the alleged victim has lied the whole time.

If your marriage is on the verge of divorce in Alexandria VA, and if your spouse is pretending that violence has occurred, it is a glaring indication that the spouse has sought legal guidance from another lawyer. In such cases, the lawyer approached by your spouse would have given clear instructions that even if there was the slightest indication of an argument, it should be legally recorded in such a manner as to implicate you as the aggressor. You will be surprised to know from your Alexandria VA lawyer that this protective order will serve as crucial evidence in a future divorce case. The alleged victim who will proceed to file a complaint against you based on his/her lawyer’s guidance will use this as proof of your cruelty during the marriage. It takes a dedicated team of Alexandria VA lawyers to carefully analyze the Commonwealth lawyer’s evidence, scrupulously go through photos and videos to rebut the case, and obtain dismissal. One thing you should understand at this point is that, by winning a dismissal with a lawyer’s assistance in the domestic violence case, you are not only dismissing the VA criminal charge, you are also going to gain an upper hand in the upcoming Alexandria VA divorce case. 

After being imposed with a domestic violence charge in Alexandria VA, the accused may be arrested. Subsequently, the accused is presented to the VA court for a hearing. When the accused attends a court hearing for the first time in the case, it is considered as an arraignment. At this stage, the defendant is properly informed about his criminal offense. The purpose of this court hearing is to ensure that the defendant can arrive at a reasonable understanding of the nature of his domestic violence offense. It is also at this stage that the defendant is told about his right to have an Alexandria VA lawyer. When the commonwealth lawyer is unable to present sufficient evidence supporting the guilt of the defendant due to aggressive cross-examination by the defense lawyer, the VA domestic violence case will get dismissed.  These days, the stress of dealing with everyday trivial issues may drive spouses to falsely accuse their partner of a domestic abuse charge. If you are facing domestic violence charges in Alexandria due to the untrue version presented by your spouse, you should take the support of our lawyers at The Law Offices Of SRIS, P.C., and get the charge dismissed.

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