Defending Child Pornography Charges In Virginia

Virginia takes child pornography crimes significantly serious, sentencing accused of the crime with heavy monetary punishments and slavery. In case you are also charged with child pornography, then you could face both federal as well as state felony charges with severe penalties of fines and extensive prison sentences. Consequently, it is a poor choice to go it all alone while being in a criminal justice system. Rather, it is imperative to immediately consult a well-versed child pornography lawyer, defending child pornography charges in Virginia.

The act of sending nude and half-naked images is one of the dangers to which people expose themselves when surfing the internet. The basic rule is not to contact strangers and not send or receive photographs of sexual tone.

Sexting, one of the child pornography charges in Virginia, is an increasingly common term in our society. It is a risky practice when adults do it. And when it involves minors, the crime consists of sending sexual content (mainly half or full naked or pornographic photographs or videos) usually produced by the sender himself/herself, to other people through mobile phones. The risk is that once sent, these contents can be used in a harmful way by others. Some couples perform this practice as part of an intimate game between them in order to satiate sexual flame.

However, when the couple ends their relationship, in some cases they can provoke what is known as revenge porn, the name by which the action of publishing or spreading intimate photos or videos without the victim’s permission, usually motivated by revenge in the face of a personal conflict. The compromised content could even end up on pornographic web pages. In addition to the undoubted moral damage that this situation causes on the affected person and their environment, they also cause more than one headache to achieve the elimination of said photos or videos on the websites that appear, sometimes resulting in an almost enormous task. That is why there are strict rules of child pornography charges in Virginia.

Sending an erotic audio message, video, text, and images in which minors appear has a legal implication. These types of acts are considered as child pornography. The person who photographs, films, records, reproduces, transmits or edits visual, audio-visual, computer, electronic or in any other physical material or format that contains the reproduction of real or simulated nude or semi-nude girls, children or adolescents in a sexual manner, will be punished with imprisonment from 13 to 16 years. The penalty that reaches 19 years if the victim has some type of disability or serious illness.

The person who advertises, purchases, possesses, carries, transmits, downloads or stores, imports, exports or sells, by any means, for personal use or for the pornographic exchange of children and adolescents, sanctioned with imprisonment as the child pornography charges in Virginia.

Child pornography is a crime when it is created, possessed or distributed. Child pornography is considered as the act of starring someone sexually who has not turned 18 years yet. If you get this type of images, delete them immediately. If you think your broadcast is harming someone’s image, let them know of an adult person. It will avoid problems with the law and will help a third person.

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