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Marriage is a ceremony that binds two individuals belonging to completely different strata in society. While the purpose of union of the male and the female in other living species except human beings is procreation, human beings have other reasons to marry. Creating a family is one of the objectives of entering into the marriage, but there are other reasons such as sharing mutual interests, hobbies, aims, and aspirations. When a person decides to marry, he/she is generally looking for a permanent relationship, regardless of whether it is with or without children. When marriage is so sacred, one wonders if one spouse finds that there was some deceitful act by the other spouse, so extremely intolerable that the innocent spouse is better off without the marriage, what happens? The skilled Alexandria VA lawyers will inform you about how annulment is the perfect solution for such situations!!

In marriage, the most crucial requirement is for each spouse to match the wavelength and lifestyle of the other, and be ready to sacrifice anything for the betterment of the family. Amid the chaos brought by enduring the sufferings of a modern-day materialistic world, the greatest happiness and achievement one could claim is having a spouse by his side. However, there are instances where couples believe that they are entering into lifelong relationships but are compelled to file for an annulment due to genuine reasons, say Alexandria VA lawyers. Unlike other species, human beings have always sought to establish a dignified social order, this has resulted in the creation of divorce and annulment laws, say lawyers. There is no denying the fact that family and marriage are the primary pillars of our life and every phase of our life is centered on it. The Alexandria VA lawyers have seen several clients frustrated with the annulment proceedings, complaining about how it is going to be challenging to trust another partner.


When a spouse realizes that the marriage he/she thought would last forever has to be annulled because of the fraudulent act of the spouse, it can be devastating, say Alexandria VA lawyers. Such depressed clients come to Alexandria VA lawyers repeatedly stating that annulment has to be immediately processed. In most annulment cases, Alexandria VA clients are dreadfully depressed about having lived a relationship deeply rooted in lies. Lawyers experienced in annulment have encountered several clients in Alexandria VA, who are shattered by the scam planned against them. The Alexandria VA lawyers you consult will tell you to stop being dejected about your past relationship, file for annulment immediately, and move on. You should also remind yourself that the VA annulment laws do not allow any deceitful conduct. If you are the victim of any such deceitful conduct in Alexandria, the VA law readily provides remedies that can reverse your marital position and revert your legal marital status to unmarried. Your Alexandria VA lawyer will accentuate this is what an annulment does, it puts you back to the place of remaining unmarried. Though marriage seems to be an inviolable holy institution, it can be broken to pieces by an annulment order under VA laws for valid reasons, if proved that its very basis is a lie, say lawyers.

Never worry about the misery that you have been compelled to endure. Leave your worries to our annulment lawyer in Alexandria VA and start living your life. By the time you find the love of your life, to restart your marriage life, your skilled lawyer would have obtained an annulment order in Alexandria VA.


The most common annulment cases in Alexandria VA arises because either spouse has lied about his/her previous marriage. The innocent spouse has been lead into believing that it is the first marriage for the guilty spouse too. Clients who approach Alexandria VA lawyers to proceed with annulment as the bride or bridegroom has failed to be transparent about the previous relationship are severely distressed that they have been duped. The Alexandria VA lawyer you hire for your annulment case will apprise you that if your partner has been married previously and there exists no court order divorcing the previous relationship, your case falls within the void category. The void marriage is different from voidable marriage, explain Alexandria VA lawyers. The skilled Alexandria VA lawyers who are consulted opine that to be duped is one thing but to be duped by someone you trusted so much can be intolerably agonizing. If you or any friend of yours has been duped into marrying someone who has lied about a previous marriage that has not been lawfully terminated by a divorce, then there should be no hesitation in contacting the experienced Alexandria lawyers to begin the process immediately.

On speaking to the reputed Alexandria VA lawyers, you will realize that there are different cases that are considered voidable marriages. Any voidable marriage is lawful till either spouse takes the crucial decision of proceeding for annulment with the guidance of the adept Alexandria VA lawyers. One important category that requires a mention is marrying a person who is not legally competent either physically or mentally is a ground of annulment in Alexandria. However, the point is, such a marriage is not void by itself, either party should approach the Alexandria VA court to obtain an annulment, say lawyers.

Other such categories of voidable marriages include consent obtained by deceitful means, by committing fraud on the future spouse to obtain his/her consent. Your lawyer will inform you that if the other spouse was convicted of a felony or was guilty of prostitution, it becomes a legal ground to file for annulment. Also, proving impotency or that the spouse was already pregnant with the child of another person or that the spouse is the father of a child born from a relationship with another woman are grounds for voidable marriage.

If you are someone facing a situation that requires annulment of the marriage, you should consult the lawyers at The Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. immediately.

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