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Alimony is the payment made from one spouse to the financially dependent spouse post-divorce. The process is complicated if you do not have a prenuptial agreement. The Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. with experience in alimony matters should be your best bet in such cases. The Alimony Lawyer Alexandria VA here can work out a temporary arrangement during the separation period as well.

Alimony Lawyer Alexandria VA further explains that the decision on what the support amount would be shall be fixed by the court after mutual consent between the parties. The maintenance amount is modifiable based on the circumstances.

Spousal support is allowed in cases where the spouse has no active income and has been married for a long time. Alimony Lawyer Alexandria VA explains that the court is unlikely to award alimony if the couple has been married only for a period of 1 year unless they have a prenuptial agreement in place.

Pew Research Center shows in their statistical study that around 22% of the US households have women as the main breadwinner of the family. Another study reported by states that 26% of wives earn more than their husbands. The point behind discussing all of these statistics is that, Alimony Lawyer Alexandria VA claims that now, even men are eligible to receive spousal support after a divorce.

Types of Spousal Support

Alimony Lawyer Alexandria VA explains about 4 different types of spousal support;

  • General Term Spousal Support

This is a kind of permanent “spousal support” where an ex-spouse is paid regularly if he/she is financially dependent on the former spouse. Alimony Lawyer Alexandria VA state that, after a period of time, the court can terminate the spousal support or else reduce the payment amount, after mutual consent.

  • Rehabilitative Spousal Support

Alimony Lawyer Alexandria VA explains that this is temporary spousal support wherein the court orders one of the parties to make a regular payment to their former spouse for a limited period of time. They may order a termination of support once the recipient is able to support himself/herself.

  • Reimbursement Spousal Support

This is sometimes considered as a one-time payment (it can be paid in parts or regularly), wherein the payee is required to make up the costs that the ex-spouse incurred while helping the payee in his/her education or training.

  • Transitional Spousal Support

Alimony Lawyer Alexandria VA states that transitional spousal support is paid to help the spouse receiving it to settle into a new lifestyle or a new location after a divorce.

Alimony Lawyer Alexandria VA explains that there are 3 circumstances where spousal support can be stopped without any court interference:

  • In a situation where the spouse paying or receiving spousal support dies
  • The spouse receiving maintenance allowance enters matrimony with someone else.
  • Once the spouse paying the amount reaches his/her retirement age.

How is the Amount of Spousal Support Determined?

Unlike Child Support, spousal support is awarded considering various limitations. The court has the sole authority to decide the amount to be paid and for how long. The Uniform Marriage and Divorce Act suggest that the court considers the following factors while taking decisions related to spousal support:

  • The age, physical condition, and the financial condition of the spouse requesting spousal support.
  • The number of years they have been married (the length of the marriage)
  • The time required by the recipient to complete their education or adapt to a new lifestyle or location
  • The couple’s standard of living at the time of divorce.
  • The ability of the payer to support the recipient.

How can an Alimony Lawyer Alexandria VA Help?

A couple may negotiate and come to a mutual agreement over the amount to be paid for spousal support. In some cases, this is determined by the court, at the time of divorce, through a series of trials. In either case, the advice and support of an experienced Alimony Lawyer Alexandria VA are required.

Divorce cases are emotionally taxing, so you must connect with an Alimony Lawyer Alexandria VA who has a lot of experience and is comfortable discussing personal issues without any hesitation. Trust plays an important factor hence you must choose an Alimony Lawyer Alexandria VA who is genuinely willing to help you and has a strong history of success.

What are some of the important points to look for while hiring an Alimony Lawyer Alexandria VA?

  • They have years of experience and have a history of success rate
  • They guarantee cost-effectiveness
  • A genuine Alimony Lawyer Alexandria VA will get to work the instant you relate your problem; they won’t beat around the bush
  • They don’t stress you out about small issues like money
  • They always fight for your best interests
  • A reputed Alimony Lawyer Alexandria VA will have good online reviews and ratings

It would definitely be difficult to choose an Alimony Lawyer Alexandria VA when you are going through an emotionally unstable phase. Get your family members or friends to help you with this.

These are some of the things that an Alimony Lawyer Alexandria VA can help you with:

  • They will help you put together all the case details required to be presented during a trial.
  • A good Alimony Lawyer Alexandria VA will have strong knowledge about spousal support and will recommend the best to you.
  •  An experienced Alimony Lawyer Alexandria VA will always know how to present his points tactfully and help his client pay a minimum amount for spousal support.
  • The same applies in the case of the recipient. Alimony Lawyer Alexandria VA, with a strong legal background, will help you decide upon the amount you are eligible to receive.

In short, if you choose the right Alimony Lawyer Alexandria VA, your interests will be well taken care of and you can be assured of the best outcome. Finding the right Alimony Lawyer Alexandria VA is essential to have your divorce case resolved quickly and efficiently. The Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. is the right choice; connect with us right away and have your money matters resolved smoothly.

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